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♣Normal Repertorisation

♣Eliminative Repertorisation

♣Emergent Complete Repertorisation

♣Constitutional Repertorisation

♣Keynote Repertorisation

♣Modality Repertorisation

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Materia Medica

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♣Dictionary, Calender, Calculator etc

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♣Uniformity of Remedies in ALL Repertories.



Homoeopathic  Repertorisation Software HRES is Developed Based On the

Authorities Of Homoeopathy.


♣Homoeopathic Materia Medica and Repertory by William Boericke

♣Repertory of the Homoeopathic  Materia Medica   by Dr.J.T.Kent

Boenninghausen's Therapeutic Pocketbook

Boenninghausen's Characteristic Repertory

♣Repertory to Hering's Guiding Symptoms   by Dr.C.B.Knerr

♣A Synoptic Key to Materia Medica  by Dr.C.M.Boger.

Miasmatic Diagnosis   by Dr.S.K.Banerjea



The following Classical works of Materia Medica are included.

♣First Lessons in the Symptomatology of Homoeopathic Remedies

Biochemic System of Treatment and Materia Medica

♣Characteristic Materia Medica By Dr.Boenninghausen

♣A Synoptic Key of the Materia Medica By Dr.C.M.Boger

♣A Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica By Dr.J.H.Clark

♣Bowel Nosodes By Paterson

♣Essentials of Homoeopathic Materia Medica and Pharmacy By W.A.Dewey

♣Study of Materia Medica By Carroll Dunham

♣Diseases of Liver by Dr.Burnett

♣Clinical Materia Medica By E.A. Farrington

♣General Analysis of Homoeopathic Remedies  By C.M.Boger

♣Key-Notes to Materia Medica By Dr.H.N.Guernsay

♣Key Notes and Characteristics with Comparison By H.C.Allen

♣Author Index of Homoeopathic Classical Works

♣Our Surgical Remedies By Howard Crutcher

♣Seven Hundred Red Line Symptoms By Hutchinson

♣Lectures on Materia Medica By Dr.James Tyler Kent

♣Key Notes and Red Line Symptoms  By Adolph Von Lippe

♣Key Notes of Materia Medica By Adolph Von Lippe

♣Regional Leaders By Dr.E.B.Nash

Materia Medica Compiled From Regional Leaders of Dr.E.B.Nash

♣Leaders in Homoeopathic Therapeutics By Dr.Nash

Materia Medica of Homoeopathic Remedies By Dr.S.R.Phatak

♣Children's Types By Dr. Douglas.M.Borland

♣Compendium of Mental Diseases By Dr.Talcot

♣Homoeopathic Remedies in Verse By Bhakshi

Materia Medica and Clinical Therapeutics By Dr Fred .J. Petersen

♣Dreams and their Homoeopathic Remedies By Dr.P.Sivaraman

♣Mother Tincture Materia Medica By Dr.Sinha

♣Homoeopathic Materia Medica By William Boerick

♣Homoeopathic Materia Medica By Pulford

♣Homoeopathic Materia Medica By N.M.Choudhary.

 Many other books of Classical Authors



♣Dose and Its Repetition By Dr.Y.R. Agrawal

Miasmatic Prescribing By S.K.Banerjee

♣How to Use Repertory By Glen Irving Bidwell

♣Life Sketches of Homoeopathic Ancestors By H.C.Allen

♣Studies in the Philosophy of Healing By Dr.C.M.Boger

♣Homoeopathy-Glimpses By Dr.Chehovsky

♣Constitutional Medicine By Dr. John Henry Clark

♣Chronic Diseases By Dr.Samuel Hahnemann

♣Homoeopathy Explained By Dr. John Henry Clark

♣Lectures on Homoeopathic Philosophy By Dr. J.T. Kent

♣The Life and Letters of Dr.Samuel Hahnemann By T.L.Bradford

♣Homoeopathy in the Light of Modern Science By Dr. A.C.Dutta

Repertories:Bogers Especially By R E swift Hayes

♣Principles and Art of Cure By Dr.H.A.Robert

Organon of Medicine By Dr.Samuel Hahnemann

♣Genius of Homoeopathy By Stuart Close



 ♣Diseases and their Homoeopathic Treatment-1

♣Allen's Clinical Hints Compiled from T.F.Allens Hand Book

♣Clinical Case Studies By Dr.Kent and Dr.E.B.Nash

♣Practice Of Homoeopathy By  Paul .F. Curie

♣What the Doctor Needs to Know to Make a Successful Prescription by Dr.Kent

♣First Aid-Homoeopathic & Allopathic Treatment

♣Homoeopathic Remedies for Infants and Children By Dr.S.banerjee

♣Clinical Cases By Dr. James Tyler Kent

♣Lesser Writings By Dr.James Tyler Kent

♣Testimony of the Clinic By Dr.E.B.Nash

♣Leaders in Typhoid Fever By Dr.E.B.Nash

♣Select Your Dose and Potency By Dr. Rawat

♣Sexual Ills and Diseases By Anshutz.E.P

♣Lesser Writings By Dr. Samuel Hahnemann

♣Diseases and their Homoeopathic Treatment-2

♣Homoeopathy-Principles and Treatment

♣Lesser Writings By Dr.Boennninghausen

♣Diseases and their Homoeopathic Treatment-3

♣Diseases and their Homoeopathic Treatment-4

♣Diet Restrictions in Homoeopathy

♣Cholera, Diarrhoea and Dysentery By John Henry Clarke

♣Clinical Cases from Dr.Guernsay, Grimmer, Julia,  Smith etc

♣Clinical Cases from Dr.Yingling, Eliz.Hubbard, M.L.Tyler etc

♣Many other books of Classical Authors



 ♣Homoeopathic Remedies, Clinical Studies etc.

♣Dose, Potency,Pharmaceutical Stds,Provings etc.

♣Vital Force,Constitution, Aetiology, Sensitivity etc.

♣Hahnemann's Advanced Methods

♣Constitution and Temperament, Symptomatology, Causation, Miasms etc.

♣Essays on Hahnemann, Essays on Remedies

♣Acute & Chronic Prescribing,Prophylaxis,Hering's law etc.

♣Fifty Millesimal, Drug Proving etc.

♣Homoeopathy-Method of Practices

♣Find the Remedy

♣Failures, Legacy from Masters, Pathological Prescribing etc.

♣Principles, Similimum,Totality, Dose, First Aid, Prophylaxis etc.

kent's Aphorisms

♣Hahnemann's LM and Water Potencies

Boenninghausen's Strategies in case Analysis

♣Specifics in Hahnemannian Homoeopathy

♣Principles, Case Management, pathology, Provings, Suppressions

♣Infants and Children Diseases

♣Life & Works of Masters, Aggravation, Alternation of Remedies

♣Case taking-Dr. Clarke, How to Take case, Teach Materia Medica

♣Short Materia Medica

♣How Not to Do it ,Acute/Chronic Prescribing, Remedy Storage etc.

♣Homoeopathic Articles by Dr.Tarcher, Putnam, Erika Price



 ♣Anatomy of Human Body

♣Physiology of Human Body

♣Nutrition & Body Building

♣Human Diseases

♣Diagnostic Tests

♣Medical Dictionary

♣Normal Laboratory Values

♣Medical Dictionary



♣Case Taking facility and viewing the case  taken  during every stage of Repertorisation.

♣Different ways of case taking.

Viewing  of  a  very  large index  of all organs while case taking.

Selection  of  patient  symptoms  through a list of general symptoms during case taking.

Viewing  of  all  symptoms  of any organ or search symptoms alone  while  case  taking and selection of symptoms suited for the case in Patient's case sheet.

♣Viewing last visit repertorisation charts and  prescriptions during case taking.

♣Selection of symptoms can be done manually also .

♣Case Taking for any number of Patients together and Reportorising of the cases at a later stage.

♣Patient Directory where all patient repertorisation records can be kept.Easy access at necessory stages.

♣Treatment Directory where prescriptions can be  stored.

♣Easy retrieval of prescriptions and modification of prescriptions during every visit.

♣Deletion of patient files



♣Normal Repertorisation

♣Eliminative Repertorisation

♣Emergent Complete Repertorisation

♣Constitutional Repertorisation

♣Keynote Repertorisation

♣Modality Repertorisation

Miasmatic Repertorisation

 ♣A total of 75 symptoms can be repertorised.

♣Repertory of Boericke or Boger or others can be repertorised separately  or combined together.Viewing of case  taken  and visit  records  of patients at every stage  greatly helps in finalising symptoms for new  Repertorisation.

While  Selecting  rubrics,  remedies  for  that  particular rubric,along with charectoristic features of  the  remedy can visualised.


 This  unique  feature,  will enable Homoeopathic Doctors  to correctly identify their patient.

♣A total of 75 symptoms can be repertorised out of which  any number of symptoms can be selected as  Eliminative symptoms, rest  of  symptoms can be selected for other less  important symptoms.

You  can  Select Repertory of Boericke, Boger or Kent files separately  or  combined. When  any  particular  symptom is missing in one of them,you can search for  the  symptom  in the other.

While  Selecting  rubrics,  remedies  for  that  particular rubric,along with charectoristic features of  the  remedy can visualised.


♣A unique feature of this Software is the facility for Repertorisation of  miasmatic symptoms,so as to find out the underlying miasm of a patient.

Repertorisation of miasmatic remedies can also be done.

Miasmatic symptoms can also be used as eliminative symptoms as any other symptoms.


 ♣Clinical  Materia  Medica  of  all the  remedies  provided in  all Repertories

♣Clinically proved symptoms and their  remedies are  of great value  for  treatment  of  patients. Hence  in  this software only   Clinical  symptoms  and  their  remedies as  given  in all Repertories are included.

Materia Medica Compiled from all Repertories.

Materia Medica of all remedies included in all the Repertories.

Materia medica of any remedy Organwise

Materia medica of remedies for search symptoms

Materia medica of remedies for search degrees

Materia Medica  of  remedies for search symptoms and Degrees organwise as well as for the entire Materia Medica.



 ♣Comparative Materia Medica two remedies

♣Comparative Materia Medica of multiple remedies

Symptoms  of  one remedy not found in the other  remedy  and symptoms common to two remedies. Search symptoms also  can be compared.

♣Symptoms of one remedy not found in any  Ten other remedies. Search symptoms also can be compared.



♣Keynote Symptoms Symptoms  of one remedy not found in  any other remedy organwise from all Repertories


Materia Medica Compiled from all Repertories

Materia Medica of all remedies

Materia medica of any remedy organwise

Materia medica of remedies for search symptoms

Materia medica of remedies for search degrees

Materia Medica  of  remedies for search symptoms and degrees organwise as well as for the entire Materia  Medica.


 ♣Symptoms of all miasms - Psora, syphilis, Sycosis  and   Tubercular miasms.

♣Symptoms can be retrived  together or   organwise  or for any search string.

♣Viewing of all symptoms of a miasm

♣Viewing of symptoms of a Search string of a miasm  together.

♣A Multiple Choice Experts Zone is included, which helps study of Materia Medica through Repertory.


 ♣Classical Materia Medica of Great Homoeopathic Ancestors

♣Homoeopathic Philosophy from Masters

♣Homoeopathic Clinical Practices from Masters

♣Homoeopathic Articles from  Contemporary and Old Masters

♣Medical Dictionary

♣Human Anatomy

♣Human Physiology

♣Human Diseases


♣Diagnostic Tests

♣Normal Laboratory Values

♣Relationship of Remedies

Relationship  of  remedies  as per Gibson  Miller.

♣Access at desired stages of repertorisation  and  Materia Medica  for evaluation of a Patient case.

♣Depth of action of Remedies-Deep acting,shallow acting and short acting remedies can  be viewed at desired stages.

♣Enhanced features include calendar, calculator etc.


 ♣Hahnemann's instructions to Case Taking

Toatality  of Symptoms

♣Management of Chronic Cases

♣Evaluation of Symptoms

♣Second Prescription

♣Kent's Observations on medicine,potency etc while treating a patient.

♣Depth of action of Remedies

♣Diet restrictions in Homoeopathy: Foods that are  to  be restricted/recommended while taking medicines included.

♣Creation of Doctor's own Repertory and using it while repertorising.

Symptoms  and  corresponding remedies  can  be entered in a database file which  can  be  used for  Repertorisation.

Updation of the  created repertory can  be done  at any time.

♣First Aids in Homoeopathy and Allopathy


♣A very fast search facility is provided throughout this software. Search for three words to be combined for search is provided. Materia Medica, Repertorisation, Philosophy, Clinical practices, Articles are all provided with this search facility.

Printing of Repertorised Chart and others

♣Print out of Repertorised chart and others can be taken.