Demo downloading& Installation Instructions


Downloading Compressed file hres.rar

Demo (hres.rar) can be downloaded by clicking the link mentioned on DEMO at the top of the main page https://www.homeosoftware.com. May take few minutes to download depending on the internet speed of your Computer.

While clicking the download option in the home page ( https://homeosoftware.com), you will be prompted either to open from source or  to save it to disk. Select save it to disk option. Or will be automatically downloaded as per your settings.

Location of downloaded file in your computer

The downloaded file will be in the folder C:\Users\USER\Downloads or as per your download setting in the Computer. For accessing the file,

(Double click [My Computer], double click [downloads] folder, hres.rar will be found.

Size of downloaded demo file

After downloading, Please ensure that downloaded compressed file (hres.rar) is aprox. 36 MB in size).

Opening Demo Version

Double click on the downloaded file [hres.rar]. You will be prompted where to extract file. select Windows C:\ in your computer, as blue colour selected below. Click OK. (You have to specifically extract to C:\ only as below. No subfolder), since the program is designed to work in C:\HRES only.


After extracting all files to C:\, you will get the folder C:\HRES. Double click C:\HRES. Double click [hdemo.exe] in C:\HRES (from windows) or go to DOS prompt  (Command.com included in any computer),   go to  directory C:\HRES, type hdemo.

Setting for Screen size (Must be done)

After extracting the file to C:\HRES, double click hdemo. After opening [hdemo], your menu may be small in size based on the settings. Now, Click icon at left uppermost corner of the menu screen as shown below, right or left click PROPERTIES, select font size as 12, 16, 18 or 20 and desired font lucida etc., so as to get a good viewable, readable Screen. click ok.


 Search in Demo Version

Demo contains ONLY A FEW PERCENTAGE of Total  Data . Hence all search Rubrics will not be found.

Help Keys

MOUSE IS ENABLED.. Help  for each of the menu items is provided on the screen itself.


While Repertorising, symptoms can be selected from all Repertories one after the other and finally by pressing F7, repertorised chart will be prepared and saved in Patient Directory by Patient name. Medicine name [Abbreviations] are made UNIFORM in all Repertories. Hence selection of symptoms from all Repertories become highly useful for Homeopaths.


For any help or queries , please feel free to correspond with info@homeosoftware.com or SMS/Whatsapp to Mobile No. 944654067(BSNL, India)/ SMS to 9778497685


User manual

User manual  as Microsoft Word are attached below  for running software demo version or full version. You may take print out of this word file, with which it will be easy to perform the functions.